At Lady and the Stamp we use our global network to buy stamps in weird and exotic parts of the world where stamps are not as loved as they are in the UK. Stamp collectors bought UK stamps for personal collections and some stored these dating back to the issue of the stamp. Since stamp collector numbers are declining, they no longer need or want their collection so we buy it to sell it on to you, the only use for them being as postage as was intended by the Post Office.

Of course! They are bought from dealers or collectors, are mint and unused. On occasions they may have been hinged (which means someone stuck a small piece of tape on the back to place them in a stamp album) but this will have been removed making them perfectly valid for posting. We only sell postage with the gum still in tact and can confirm we do not sell used, soaked, unfranked or counterfeit stamps.

We accept both PayPal and bank transfer. We are looking to expand to other payment methods in the near future.

Orders over £100 qualify for free delivery. You can find more information about our delivery and refund policy by clicking here

You can find more information about our delivery and refund policy by clicking here

Unless specified otherwise our stamps are supplied as a mixture of picture stamps and Queens Head. Please let us know a preference when ordering and we will try our best to accommodate. 

When we send out our parcels, we often receive compliments about the colourful stamps we have stuck down as delivery postage, also making it seem more personal and fun. 

The stamps we sell are for postage and as long as they are sold for face value or less then they are exempt of VAT. 

All our sales are raised with a relevant invoice/receipt issued which we will include with your order or e-mail to you directly. 

If you know how much your package is going to cost to send then apart from simple addition, no. If you have purchased a combination package from us of specific postage amounts we’ll have already done this for you. If you have purchased a mixed bundle, simply add up the values on the stamps to total your postage. Then lick ’em and stick ’em. 

Any questions not featured above please send us a message via our Contact Us page

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